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Looking to expand your knowledge? Check out e-books, insightful podcasts, handy cheat sheets, and comprehensive tool comparisons in this resources section. 

Unlock a Wealth of Knowledge with Diverse Resources

Here you can find variety of e-books written by me or industry experts, covering a range of topics to help you deepen your understanding. You can also explore our informative podcasts featuring insightful discussions on current trends and best practices. 

50 Buzzwords and Skills toYour Project Manager Resume

The buzzwords and skills listed here are essential for your project manager resume. They provide a common language and framework for managing projects, allowing you to allocate resources and ensure timely, budget-friendly delivery.

50 buzzwords and skills to use in your project manager resume

Capstone - Sauce & Spoon - Project Management Portfolio

The resource document is a portfolio of project management artifacts showcasing the some of the most important documents during the Google Project Management Certificate program. 

Capstone: Applying Project Management in the Real World) Sauce & Spoon Project Documents (39 Pages)

What is in it?
– Project Charter – Sauce & Spoon: [Pilot tablet rollout]Document
– Stakeholder Analysis Document – Sauce & Spoon
– Project Plan – Sauce & Spoon
– Task Brainstorm Document – Sauce & Spoon
– Quality and Evaluation Document – Sauce & Spoon
– Survey Questions – Sauce & Spoon
– Sauce & Spoon Test Launch Findings (Tablet Rollout Test Launch Customer Survey Results)
– Tablet Rollout Impact Report- Sauce and Spoon – Sauce & Spoon
– Retrospective Review – Sauce & Spoon
– Closeout Report: Tablet Rollout – Sauce & Spoon 

RACI Matrix Template Download


RACI Matrix/Chart is a visual that helps to define roles and responsibilities for individuals or teams to ensure work gets done efficiently; lists who is “responsible,” “accountable,” “consulted,” and “informed” for project tasks

RACI Chart Template
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